Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Scott Solomon and the team at BrookBelle Alternative Healthcare provide chiropractic adjustments and other natural, effective methods for healing and health to residents in Doylestown and the surrounding PA areas.

Quick Guide to Chiropractic Adjustments

You’ve likely heard of chiropractic adjustments. You probably know someone who has received them, or maybe you’ve even received them yourself. What exactly do they do for you, though, and are they necessary? Are they really effective? And who can benefit from them? Dr. Solomon and the team at BrookBelle Alternative Healthcare in Doylestown, PA, answers these questions and more below.

What Does an Adjustment Really Do for You?

At some point, you’ve likely seen a picture of the skeletal system. If not, a quick Internet search will provide an image. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are several bones stacked atop one another to form the neck and back. They need to be neatly stacked like that to hold you upright.

Now imagine that just one of those bones was shifted slightly out of its position. Your body would look dangerously close to toppling over. The good news is that this won’t happen, but it will still have an effect.

Between each of those bones are discs. And surrounding those bones are muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. If a bone is out of alignment, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments go into hyperdrive to hold you up. At the same time, it puts unnecessary pressure on the discs, which can cause the disc to protrude and impinge on your nerves.

In short, it can lead to a great deal of pain, tension, strain, and nerve compression. Adjustments are a natural method for putting the misaligned bone back into its place, relieving those symptoms.

Who Needs Adjustments?

Anyone can benefit from adjustments. Even if you’re not in pain, adjustments can help maintain spinal health and wellness to prevent pain from ever beginning.

Adjustments are also great for every age and stage of life. Even infants, young children, and older adults as well as pregnant women can enjoy the benefits of adjustments.

Combining Adjustments With Other Techniques

While adjustments are very effective, the results are enhanced when they are combined with other methods. At BrookBelle Alternative Healthcare, we use techniques like float therapy to ensure your body is relaxed so that adjustments can provide optimized results.

Learn more about the role chiropractic adjustments can play in your life by visiting Dr. Solomon at BrookBelle Alternative Healthcare. If you live in Doylestown or the surrounding PA areas, call (267) 454-7768 to schedule your appointment today.

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