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Here at BrookBelle Alternative Healthcare we are anything other than your average spa or doctor’s office. We are a combination of the best of both worlds. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality holistic healthcare that aids in the betterment of our clients well being. These therapies include: floating, infrared sauna, halotherapy, aquatic therapy, chiropractic care, decompression therapy, weight loss, nutritional counseling and (coming soon) skin care.

We are pleased to bring these therapies to you in a private, relaxed atmosphere. Our private suites include: Float pools that are completely open with high-quality salts, our pools are constantly monitored and filtered for cleanliness as well as tested daily for the best client experience; Infrared saunas that have near, mid and far infrared, a shower (one of which is ADA compliant). Another one of our suites has a zero-gravity massage chair. Additionally, our office has aquatic therapy that will assist you in weight loss, exercising, specifically for those who would have a difficult time at the gym (e.g., arthritic patients, joint replacement, hip problems, obesity, pregnancy or geriatric). Our packages can be a single therapy or bundled- specifically curtailed to enhance the patients  achievement of health. Alongside maintaining health, we pride ourselves on the appearance and the overall cleanliness of the office for an optimal therapy session.

We believe in listening. You know your body best, and we're here to help you feel your best. Tell us what you want, and we'll tell you what you need.



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