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  • Dr. Scott L. Solomon

    Dr. Scott L. Solomon is an experienced chiropractor who specializes in providing natural holistic healthcare to patients who are injured due to daily life activities, motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, chronic pain, or who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the use of preventative health care. Dr. Solomon has a proven track record of success in his profession. Dr. Solomon has been a licensed chiropractic physician, with an additional license in adjunctive procedures, since January 1999, and has been working in private practice since graduating from Life Chiropractic College in 1998. Dr. Solomon previously practiced in Ambler, Pennsylvania, unfortunately due to an injury sustained while working on a patient, Dr. Solomon herniated multiple discs in his back. Suddenly the doctor became the patient. Dr. Solomon was advised by many specialists that traditional spinal fusion was warranted for his condition, however he refused the spinal fusion hoping for a more holistic solution that could return him to practicing. After several years of rehabilitative therapy, Dr. Solomon underwent a modern day procedure which involved injections into the herniated discs in his back. Following this procedure, Dr. Solomon was able to participate in several additional holistic therapies aiding in total body rehabilitative health. These therapies included aquatic therapy, float therapy, infrared sauna, halotherapy, traditional chiropractic care, non-invasive chiropractic care, and decompression therapy. As a result of these therapies, Dr. Solomon has regained his health and can now share these therapies with you in his new spa-like facility. When Dr. Solomon is not treating patients, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters 

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