Please note, Floating services are for laser therapy  and chiropractic patients only 

What is a Float Spa?

Flotation therapy is a powerful stress relief and wellness tool, offering a multitude of physical and mental benefits. During a flotation session, the client rests within a sensory-controlled environment (in a floating tank/floating room), floating on the surface of a super-saturated salt-water solution (filled with Epsom salt= MgSO4). The floating person cannot sense any smell, any noise, any light and any gravity! This experience is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body and mind. It may reduce harmful stress hormones, alleviates pain and tension, and stimulates the release of beneficial endorphins within the brain.

How does float therapy work?

Float pods contain a small pool of water that can comfortably fit an adult. The water in these tanks is kept at skin surface temperature. This temperature melds with the surface of your skin and creates a slightly odd, touchless sensation.

Large amounts of Epsom salt are added to the water, allowing you to float effortlessly. Since the water is so dense, it takes a lot of effort to flip your body over, which makes it easy to stay on your back.

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What results can you expect to see?

Relief From Stress 

Living in a city that is extremely busy or working with a job that is demanding, our bodies end up not getting the proper amount of rest that they need to function throughout the duration of a day.

Stressful situations that happen daily in the forms of family conflicts, work issues, deadlines, too many extracurriculars, homework, and financial troubles can actually become some of the main reasons for a wide variety of ailments that slow us down. 

When participating in a float session, everything on the outside is shut out, and this provides you with an environment that lets the nervous system take a break from the constant exposure to anxieties and stresses that it goes through so regularly. 

Choosing to pursue this kind of treatment for our minds and bodies can be one of the most refreshing and nourishing things we can do to help us get through the day in our healthiest possible state.

Makes The Immune System Stronger

One of the main reasons float therapy is so helpful is because it is often able to assist the immune system of the patient to become much stronger.

Recent research has revealed that using the calming features of the float tank to channel all positive and healing thoughts towards a part of your body that is damaged, can increase the recovery rate of multiple ailments.

Helps You Absorb Magnesium

An extremely hefty amount of Epsom salt is added to the water in order for a patient to float with ease. The skin is able to absorb the salts that have been added, which becomes a very helpful supplement of a mineral that is not commonly ingested. 

Helps You To Sleep Better

When used for a long period of time, float therapy is able to help you sleep a lot better. Reports have shown that a floatation session that lasts around 90 minutes is able to compare side by side to the sensation of having an entire night of uninterrupted rest. The end result is that you leave your session feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and therapeutic.

Gravity is not an issue, so all of your bones, joints, and muscles are finally given a chance to get some well-deserved rest from being used so often. You can expect a calm that is natural that has you rising every morning with more energy and a better night’s rest than you’ve ever had before. Giving your body the break it deserves will help channel all of your valuable energy to different areas so that you can be more productive throughout your day.

Betters Your Learning Skills

Our brains are in a theta state wave-length, which means our minds wander much less and are more impressionable.

Over time, your mind will be opened up and is able to learn at a much more rapid rate, get better on performance tasks, recall previous memories and even soak in fresh material.

This is a great solution for anyone searching for a fast and holistic way to gain more knowledge and strengthen their minds at the same time.

Helps Adjust Your Behavior

In addition to reducing the negative effects of physical symptoms, floating is also able to help bring more attention to noticing different behavioral patterns so that they can be adjusted.

Reduced depression, decreased anxiety, and alleviated stress are just a few of the calming results that floatation therapy provides.

If a patient has been struggling with the same addiction or bad habits, one of the best things that can be done is for a brand new routine to be introduced to the body. Eventually, even the strongest addictions are able to be worn down and eliminated. 

As human beings, one of our most natural tendencies is to hide what we are going through, and as a coping mechanism, put it on the back burner so that we never have to deal with it. Issues like anxiety, depression, chronic or physical pain are all able to be pushed aside if we aren’t intentional.

Ultimately, this is not the right way to handle these problems, even though it may be the easiest way to handle it. The best thing we can do for our emotional health is to face what we are going through, and floatation therapy provides you with an opportunity to do just that. Using this as a supplement to your regular health routine could be the combination that you need to try next.

Helps You Relax 

When the body reaches a certain amount of relaxation, it is able to cause positive physical results like reduced muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, fewer stress hormones, and increased endorphins.

If you’ve tried everything else to make you relax with no success, it might be time to try something new.

Synchronizes Your Brain

When this kind of synchronicity and communication happens between the left and right hemispheres, deeper realizations, stronger non-linear connections, and more creativity are just a few of the positive results.

Reduces Pain 

The relaxation that is triggered in a calm and secluded environment will fill a person’s body with endorphins that help relieve and reduce pain. For anyone who knows about the many hardships of chronic pain, this can make a huge difference. 

On top of that, this type of relaxation can assist in suppressing appetites that are out of hand, anxiety attacks, severe depression and can shift an individuals overall mood to be more positive.

Helps You Focus 

There are few places in the world where you are able to achieve the same kind of relaxation that you find from using floatation therapy.

This level of relaxation encourages visualization and lucid dreams that are much stronger than normal, even though you are very much awake.

Sharpens Sensitivity 

Do you love being around other people and call yourself an extrovert? Or maybe you would rather be at home with a book as an introvert.

As all the other senses are washed out, internal sensitivity is able to be developed for someone who is an extrovert.

There is a feeling of security and a safe place that is created that can serve as a way to get outside all of the sensory stimulation that is so overwhelming for introverts.

If you are an introvert, or you are an extrovert, it doesn’t matter. This is able to offer you something unique that you can use as a tool to benefit you.

Enhances Athleticism

After extensive workouts, you recover much faster because the session has helped reduce the lactic acid that is in your blood.

No gravity causes the lactic acid to leave your muscles quickly. The results of this are that you will have less pain and muscle stiffness after long workouts so that you can continue with your day without the negative side effects of soreness.

Players have reported that their playing is improved because of the amount of focus they can have at crucial moments of the game.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

The body is completely relieved of contact points and pressure when floating with no gravity. This allows your blood vessels to dilate fully, immediately lower your blood pressure and maximizes how much oxygen, red blood cells, and blood your body is receiving.

The Epsom salt that you absorb during a session will also assist in reducing high blood pressure.

Can Enhance Skin & Hair 

Epsom salt can remove dead skin cells which means that you leave the pool with fresh, smooth and glowing skin. Regular use also means that the antibacterial aspects of magnesium can help get rid of skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

Epsom salt is also able to enhance the health of your hair. Normally, our hair is exhausted from constant exposure to alcohol-based products or using heat styling methods. It removes all of the excess product and restores your hair to its natural state. The result is that your hair is thicker, and has more volume all while using an organic and safe approach.

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