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When you combine spinal adjustment(s) with flotation therapy, (which has 1,000 lbs of salt in approximately 10 inches of water) the magnesium contributes to muscle fiber relaxation and calming of the nervous system; thus, it’s thought that the magnesium absorbed during a float session immediately relaxes muscles and calms nerves. This allows the body to hold the adjustment for a longer period of time making the combination very beneficial to the patient. Most people have an idea of the benefits that chiropractic adjustments have on a persons body. But there is often not as much awareness surrounding Float Therapy. Scroll the page below to read about Float Therapy benefits, as well as some helpful videos!


Our clients have so many great things to say.

With over twenty years in the business, we know what you need to help you get closer to feeling normal. Our combination of Float Therapy and Chiropractic Adjustment is an innovative approach to healing your body AND your mind. Leave Us a Review

“I Absolutely love it here!!!!!!!!  I was in a serious car accident almost two years ago. This accident  left me with excruciating migraines and not much hope. Ive been to multiple doctors and tried many treatments, not one doctor thought to do what Dr. Solomon did which was to X-ray my neck.”

Eneida M

“Great place what difference this makes on my knees and back I almost feel like a normal person again
It’s worth the 90 minute drive from the Poconos”

George H

“Dr.Solomon and Elena have been so helpful, courteous and understanding to the situation I have from my car accident and there knowledge and expertise allows you to become very comfortable in there very impressive facility.”

Joseph V

Mental Health Benefits of Floating

Floatation therapy creates a different mental experience for each person who uses it, and can even differ on each session. Many floaters report having a unique experience with each time that they float here at our New Britain, PA office. Two highly reported benefits of floating include stress relief, and relaxation of the body and aching muscles. Some benefits that you may achieve by floating with us regularly are listed below.

  • Can Increase Stress Resistance
  • Aids With Behavior Modification
  • Enhanced Visualization
  • Raises Endorphin Levels
  • Sensitivity Buffering
  • Meditation
  • Brain Synchronization 
  • Aids With Introspection 
  • Enhances Learning 
  • Chronic Stress Relief

Physical Health Benefits of Floating

Floating in one of BrookBelle's state of the art float rooms, provides many physical benefits to go along with the mental benefits. Floating in our float rooms offers you the chance to float in water that is diffused with a very high concentration of epsom salts. This "solution" can provide relaxation for sore muscles and aching joints. It also provides relaxation to the entire body, allowing your muscles time to recoup from exercise or injury.

  • Enhances Relaxation Response
  • Heightens Your Senses
  • Increased Immune Function
  • Anti-Gravity Benefits (Weightlessness)
  • Enhances Magnesium Absorption
  • Pain Management
  • Enhanced Healing Properties
  • Aids With Poor Sleep or Insomnia

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